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Existing customers with questions, concerns or special requests pertaining to their lawn maintenance service can open a new support ticket or check on the status of an existing support ticket below. If your request requires immediate assistance, please call our office at: 215-948-2513.

Please read through our FAQ section below before creating a support ticket, many common questions can be answered by reading this section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I requested service on a specific day each week but your team is coming on a different day, why?

We make a best effort to perform lawn services the same day each week and honor customer requests, however preferred service days are not guaranteed. Infinite Landscapes reserves the right to make changes to service days as it deems necessary in order to accommodate new customers and to optimize mowing routes in order to conserve fuel.

My lawn wasn’t serviced today due to weather, when can I expect it to be serviced?

After rain events or unfavorable weather, we do our best reschedule missed service visits to the next available day. In rare instances when inclement weather has persisted for a number of days consecutively – there may be additional delays as our crews wait for your property to dry sufficiently, or as they catch up on a backlog of work.

My lawn is really wet or really dry, can you please skip my service this week?

After long periods of rain or long periods of dry weather, our team evaluates each property individually and will elect to delay or skip service based on the individual needs of your property. If you would like to make a special request and cancel a regular service visit, we require that you notify us 48 hours in advance by calling our office or submitting a support ticket.

An area of my lawn was not serviced, why?

Occasionally our crews will skip areas or sections of a property, usually for one of the following reasons:

  • Area is wet
  • Grass in area is dying or dead
  • Area is covered in excessive amounts of pet waste
  • Lawn furniture, toys, hoses or other items are in the way

If any of the conditions above are not present on your property, please contact our office or open a support ticket

Why aren’t you mowing under my trampoline, soccer net or around my fire pit?

To prevent property damage, our crews will not move lawn furniture, toys, hoses or other items on a lawn. In most cases we will mow approximately 6″ away from obstructions, fencing, the sides of homes, walls, patios, fire pits, sports equipment or other structures and amenities – but we reserve the right to not mow areas with obstructions at all.

Moving lawn furniture, sports equipment and other amenities onto paved surfaces prior to your scheduled visit will ensure that all grass areas are mowed.